Wise Deluxe Survival Kit – REVIEW

Wise Deluxe Survival Kit

Rating: ★★½☆☆

Next on our reviews of off-the-shelf bug-out bags is the Deluxe Survival Kit by Wise Foods.  This BOB is a little different from the others we have reviewed simply because it is meant to sustain one individual for a total of two weeks or two people for one week.  This kit weighs in at 27lbs and comes contained within a rolling duffel bag rather than a backpack.  Given the situation, this particular bag with all its weight could become problematic if you are forced over rough terrain and have to continuously switch which hand you want to carry the burden with.  Personal preferences lead us to prefer taking the contents and putting them into a water resistant backpack. 

The variety of foods that are included are quite impressive at first glance and tantalizes you with thoughts of tortilla soup and pasta alfredo.  On closer inspection we also see that each of these tasty meals requires the further addition of the precious resource we know as water.  Unfortunately because this pack only supplies a total of 76.5 ounces of water, we will be left figuring out how delicious dry stroganoff actually is.  On a positive note, this survival kit does include 20 water purification tablets, a water filtration bottle and portable stove with fuel and matches.  We would also like to add that if you decide to purchase this BOB, be sure to include a lighter as well as a fire starter since you will be needing a fire quite often.  Also be sure to throw the all important jar of peanut butter into the mix since it is ready to eat and provides much needed fuel for the body. 

This emergency kit by Wise does contain a nice variety of items and would suit an individual well with just a few minor modifications.  Some of the highlights of this grab ‘n go kit are a multi-function shovel, swiss army style knife, a 4 in 1 flashlight, a two person tube tent, and a portable stove.  We also recommend including a multi-tool other than the knife that that this pack comes with, and even think about doing some of your own personal upgrading to better suit all your needs.  A few more items worth mentioning are the 30 hour emergency candle, 2 deluxe hygiene kits, hand and body warmers, 50ft of nylon rope, and they even had the good sense to include silverware and a cup.  Now if only they included a tall order of coffee!

If you are looking for a pre-packed bug out bag and don’t want to put much thought into what your specific needs actually are then this kit should serve you well.  Once you add a bit more water and can get past the sticker shock, this pack will do a fair job meeting most of your emergency and survival needs.  Once again, we here at the Ultimate Bug Out Bag List want to make sure that you’re looked after.  Be Prepared, Be Ready, Be Aware. 



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