Urban Survival Pack for Two People – REVIEW

Urban Survival Pack for Two People

The Urban Survival Pack for Two People is an off-the-shelf BOB that we gave a relatively good score.  But we want to point out that we do not consider this a BOB for two people.  Not unless a lot more food and water is added.

This bug-out bag comes with a 21 inch backpack.  It’s nothing special, but it should do the job.

For gear, this comes with pretty much just the basics.  There is a basic first aid kit and a basic hygiene kit.  These aren’t bad, and they cover pretty much all of your basic needs.

One nice thing it has is a dynamo radio/flashlight combination, so can see in the dark and get information from the radio, without needing to worry about batteries.  Three light sticks give you more light, and let you be seen in the dark, and a disposable lighter is included to start fires.

25 feet of paracord is included, though we’d like to see at least 50 feet.  25 feet, though, could still be useful in constructing shelters and many other things.

There are two emergency sleeping bags supplied, which are essentially just thermal blankets that are enclosed.  It would be nice if there were something for shelter included, like either a tube tent, or at least a tarp.

There is a multi-tool, but no knife included.  The multi-tool will be good for small tasks, though, so it’s nice to see that in a relatively cheap bug-out bag like this.  There are one pair of heavy work gloves, and two dust masks.

This is a reasonably priced bug-out bag, but there are a number of areas where it is deficient.  As noted above, we do not consider this to be a good BOB for two people.  There are 4,800 calories worth of food bars, and 2.2 liters of water.  That might be enough to keep two people alive for three days, if it’s not hot and you don’t have to physically exert yourself, and you’re just sheltering in place waiting for help to arrive.  But often in a survival situation you have to use a lot of energy, and that just isn’t enough food or water for even one person.  So we very much suggest that you supplement this BOB with additional food and water.  A jar of peanut butter, which has a lot of calories, and a few more liters of water per person will make things much more bearable, if you ever have to rely on this bug-out bag.

Next, there is some gear that is lacking.  We recommend you add some kind of knife to this bag.  A fixed blade knife is best, but even a decent folding blade would be good.  A good knife is much more versatile then the blade on the multi-tool.  Also, while a person that buys this BOB is obviously not looking to be able to survive for an extended period of time, and so probably wouldn’t be interested in things like water filters, we do recommend that you add a fire starter.  Disposable lighters are great, but they can break easily and they’re not always reliable.

And the last things we would add are all weather ponchos, insect repellent, and either a tube tent or a tarp or two, to use to construct a shelter.

This isn’t a bad little basic BOB, it just needs to be supplemented a bit.  You won’t be using this for long term survival, but with added gear, food, and water, it should get you through at least 72 hours.  We’d also like to add that this is a good off-the-shelf bug-out bag to toss in your car.


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