Four Person Deluxe Survival Kit – REVIEW

Four Person Deluxe Survival Kit

Rating: ★★★☆☆

We gave the Four Person Deluxe Survival Kit a decent rating, but we’d like to stress that we do not consider this to be a four person BOB, like it claims.

This BOB weighs 32 pounds and comes in a duffel bag.  It really needs to be pointed out that this is best for use in a vehicle or for sheltering in place, as you don’t want to have to carry around 32 pounds in one hand.  We prefer our BOBs in a backpack, and you’ll want to think about whether or not a duffel bag is right for you, before you buy this.

A good thing about this bug-out bag is that it has a hand crank AM/FM radio, and two squeeze recharge flashlights.  You don’t need to worry about batteries running out, or expiration dates on batteries, and that’s always a good thing.

It also includes a fire starter, a box of 50 waterproof matches, and shavings to help get a fire going.  Those things are great, but we always recommend a disposable lighter, in addition to those things, for quickly getting fires going.

To keep you warm and dry, there are four emergency ponchos, two 2-man tube tents, and four mylar sleeping bags (essentially emergency thermal blankets that are enclosed).  There are also four body warmers.

This off-the-shelf bug-out bag has a 16 function knife.  This knife will be useful for cutting things like string or rope, but we recommend a fixed blade knife, or at least a sturdy folding knife, as they are much more versatile.  It comes with a wrench for turning off gas and water, which can also be used for prying open windows and doors.

A portable stove and fuel tablets are included, but because there is no cookware, the stove is only good for a little bit of heat, unless you’re sheltering in place and have some pots.  A package of candles and four 12 hour light sticks are also included.

There is a first aid kit, as well as a four person hygiene kit with basic necessities. This bug-out bag has four N95 rated masks, which is good.

There is one pair of work gloves and 50 feet of rope.  Rope is always a good thing to include, and can come in really handy.

Water and food, two of the most important things in a bug-out bag, are included, but we want to stress that there is not enough food or water for four people.  This BOB contains 9,600 calories worth of food bars.  It also has six liters of water.  That is enough food and water for one or possibly two people, for about three days.  If you plan to use this BOB for more than one or two people, you will need to supplement the food and water.

This does come with enough water purification tablets for 40 liters of water, however, as well as a 2.5 gallon water bag.  Those things are good for extending the amount of time you can survive, but you need to come across water before they’re useful.

A compass, signal mirror, can opener, and a few other things round out this BOB.

As stated above, this BOB is really best for a vehicle, or for sheltering in place.  If you intend to use it for more than one or two people, you’ll want to add more food and water.  You’ll also want to add a better knife– preferably a fixed blade knife– and as it’s lacking a multi-tool, you’ll need to add one yourself.  A few other things we would add are a disposable lighter, a roll of duct tape, a couple of tarps, a small pot to use with the stove, and some insect repellent.

The price is reasonable, and it’s not a bad off-the-shelf bug-out bag, if you’re sure you won’t have to travel on foot.  Just make sure you supplement it with what it’s lacking, and you’ll be ready in the event of a disaster.

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