Extreme Survival Kit for Four People – REVIEW

Extreme Survival Kit for Four People

We gave the Extreme Survival Kit for Four People the same decent rating that we gave the similar Urban Survival Pack for Two.  They have slightly different gear, and this one is intended for four people.  We would like to point out that we don’t consider this to be suitable for four people, but really only for one or two.

Like the Urban Survival Pack for Two, this BOB comes with a 21 inch backpack that isn’t anything special, but is useable.

This BOB comes with a fixed blade knife that isn’t too bad, and a small flashlight.  There’s also a wire saw that could come in handy.

There are one pair of  heavy work gloves.  For fire, there is a disposable lighter and a fire starter.  Four emergency sleeping bags are included, but they are essentially just thermal blankets that are enclosed.

There is a compass with a signaling mirror, and 25 feet of paracord.  A decent first aid kit, a hygiene kit, and a few other things are included in this BOB.

This BOB does come up short in a few areas, and like most off-the-shelf bug-out bags, it requires supplementation.

First, there is not nearly enough food or water.  This BOB comes with 7,200 calories worth of food bars.  That’s about enough food for one person, for three days.  There are 4 liters of water.  Again, that’s about enough for one person, for three days.  If you intend to use this for more than one person, you’ll want to add enough food and water.

Next, there are no ponchos, and there is nothing to use for shelter.  For shelter we recommend either adding some tube tents, or a couple of tarps.

Then, there’s no multi-tool.  Multi-tools can come in very handy, and we recommend you add one, even if it’s an inexpensive one.

A roll of duct tape could come in really handy, and we would definitely include some insect repellent.

The Extreme Survival Kit for Four People isn’t bad for an off-the-shelf bug-out bag, just don’t forget that it’s really only for one or two people.  But with the addition of a few things, it can be BOB that you can count on if disaster strikes.



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