Echo-Sigma Get Home Bag – REVIEW

Echo-sigma Get Home Bag

Our second highest rated off-the-shelf bug-out bag is the Echo-Sigma Get Home Bag.  This bag is less than half the size of our top rated BOB, but it’s still packed with lots of good stuff.  Not having a normal sized sleeping bag allows the bag to be smaller, but of course sleeping won’t be as comfortable.

The backpack itself is the Compact Assault Pack by Condor Outdoor.  It is 1,362 cubic inches, 22.3 cubic liters.  It’s a good quality backpack, and it has four compartments.

One of the really good things about this BOB is that it has a 2.5 liter hydration system.  We’d still like to see a little bit more water, in case it’s very hot or you have to physically exert yourself, but it’s a good start.  And it does include water purification tablets, which could extend your ability to survive beyond 72 hours, provided you find some water.

There is a mutli-tool and and a flashlight, and they’re both decent.  There are a number of ways to start fires, including a lighter and a magnesium fire starter.  A 68 piece first aid kit is included, which is okay.

To help protect you from the elements, there is a poncho, tube tent, thermal blanket, and thermal sleeping bag cocoon.  The included 50 feet of 550 paracord, the extra large zip ties, and the duct tape could be very handy.

A pair of work gloves, an N95 rated mask, safety goggles, and a few other things complete this BOB.

There are just a couple of areas where this BOB comes up short.  It only has 2,400 calories worth of food ration bars.  This isn’t really enough if you have to hike far, or do something that is physically exhausting, like clearing debris or building a shelter.  So we would recommend adding more food, and maybe a little bit more water.

The last thing that needs to be added is a knife.  We recommend a fixed blade knife, but a folding knife should be add, at the very least.  The multi-tool does have a blade on it, but you’re much more limited with what you can do, if you’re trying to use a small blade on a multi-tool.

The Echo-Sigma Get Home Bag isn’t a bad choice for a bug-out bag.  With just a couple of additions, you’ll be ready for an emergency.

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