2.0 Bug Out Bag, Survival & Outdoor Kit by OuttaGEAR – REVIEW

2.0 Bug Out Bag, Survival & Outdoor Kit by OuttaGEAR

The 2.0 Bug Out Bag is our top recommendation for off-the-shelf bug-out bags.  This is the most well-rounded BOB we’ve found, but the price reflects that.

This BOB has many things you will need in the event of a disaster.  The backpack itself is a Teton 3400, which has a capacity of 3,400 cubic inches, or 55 liters.  It has an internal frame, height-adjustable shoulder straps, and shoulder, lumbar, and waist pads.   This backpack is durable and will let you carry your gear in relative comfort.

It contains a number of useful tools and equipment, like a decent knife, a decent multi-tool, and a trowel.  It has a small alcohol stove (which is necessary because the food is dehydrated and requires boiling water), and a small cook set.  It has a headlamp and two glowsticks for light, and for fire it has a number of ways to start a fire, including a lighter and a one-handed fire starter.

One particularly good thing about this bug-out bag, is that it comes with a real sleeping bag.  Most other BOBs come with mylar sleeping bags, which are basically just mylar thermal blankets that are enclosed.  An actual sleeping bag is much more comfortable, and should be much warmer, as well.

Another good thing about this BOB is that, in addition to a water bottle, it has a LifeStraw water filter, which will let you safely drink water that you come across.  This can really extend how long you can survive.

The 2.0 Bug Out Bag is rounded out with most other things you’d need, including a decent first aid kit, an N95 mask, an all weather poncho, and more.

There are a few downsides to this BOB, however.  Like most off-the-shelf BOBs, it doesn’t come with enough food or water.  In addition, the food it does come with requires you to use water, as it is dehydrated.  Most likely, this water will come from your drinking supply.  We therefore recommend that you supplement the food and water by adding your own.  For the food, a jar of peanut butter is good to throw in (check the expiration date!), and a few bottles of water, or even a hydration system, would be good.

It’s hard to go wrong with the 2.0 Bug Out Bag by OuttaGEAR, once you supplement the food and water.  That’s why it’s the Ultimate Bug-Out Bag List top recommendation for off-the-shelf bug-out bags.

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